I have so much energy now I just can’t believe it! I’m enjoying this new lifestyle so much and I’m feeling so much better. I love that there’s never judgement when I trip up or am struggling a little, just compassion and helpful suggestions.

– Ms. J


Lyzz has been working with me as a health coach for several months. I was experiencing some problems with my hormone levels and these issues were beginning to affect many areas of my life. When I met with Lyzz for the first time, she sincerely listened to my concerns and impressed me with her thoughtful questions. She made it clear from the start that she was going to approach these issues within the context of my lifestyle and my overall health. This approach has given me a level of in-depth care that I have never received from another health or medical professional.
As early as our first session, she was able to give me simple and practical suggestions that were easy to incorporate into my life. As our sessions have continued, she has demonstrated tremendous knowledge in all the topics that we’ve covered, from food and nutrition to exercise and the body.
Over these past months, I have noticed improvements in my life–not just with my original concerns–but also improvements in my sleep, my moods, and my relationship with food. Working with Lyzz has been a life-changing experience.

– Ms. M