Hello world!


So, it’s the default WordPress title for a first blog entry and I figured I’d go with it! Welcome to the new website and blog. I hope to fill these “pages” with useful and entertaining information from the world of health, wellness and miscellany.


I’ve worried a lot about the “message” or theme for my blog. I tend to read a lot of recipe heavy blogs and I think I was intimidated. I’m most definitely not a kitchen goddess so if you are hoping to find a lot of recipes you’ll be sorely disappointed. Then I realized, just this morning actually, that no one says I have to have a recipe blog. DUH! I can do what I love to do, read all about health and wellness from around the web, and I can post the coolest and most interesting (or head scratching) stuff I find here. That way you (hopefully I’ll have readers someday…) won’t have to go through the trouble of trying to find time to read 5 million different blogs and webpages and whatever. You can just LIVE!


I’m not sure where this blogging journey will take us, but I’m glad you’re along for the ride. Who knows, maybe someday in the future my site really will be “THE source for what’s new and good in the world of health and wellness from around the blogosphere”.


Here’s to that!


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